Leadership with a whole new attitude

It is with much enthusiasm that I invite all of you to join me in my efforts to serve you as Governor of Tennessee.
It’s my intention to recruit good paying jobs, take public education off the auction block and start encouraging our great teachers by putting education back in their hands and back in their classrooms.

Many women I have met are great leaders and I want to encourage women to run for public office. It is only fair that women be paid equal pay for equal work.

I want to take my years of experience in local government and education along with my life in rural East Tennessee to help better serve you.

As your governor, Tennessee will take on a whole new attitude and with your help we will win.

— John McKamey, Candidate for Governor of Tennessee


“The Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council announces its endorsement of William “John” McKamey as a candidate for governor. We believe that Mr. McKamey will be an advocate for all working people and represent Tennesseans well. It’s time for a change in our state’s leadership, and we are confident that Mr. McKamey will lead Tennessee in the right direction.”

— Thursday, May 1, 2014


For years teachers themselves have been proposing practical ways to change school conditions. Let's listen to the professional educators and put them in charge of our Tennessee public schools.
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$14.02 an hour. That’s how much a Tennessee worker would need to earn to afford a decent two bedroom rental home, according to a new report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. We must reflect a good image of TN before industry will even consider moving to our state. We have got to stop being laughed at and made fun of on national T.V.
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Women in Government

Women make up more than half of the population, more than half the students in Tennessee universities and colleges and less than 20% of Tennessee government representatives. In order to continue the economic growth of Tennessee the numbers must change.
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Marriage is an opportunity that should be made available to every individual. Equality is a promise to all Americans, guaranteed to us by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.
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